More about the Ananda detox clinic

The Ananda detox clinic is carefully designed to detox both body and mind. Yes, that’s right! Activities like meditation and yoga reduce stress and improve mental and physical health.

Some people think a detox diet is simply drinking a couple of natural fresh juices for a couple of days, but that isn’t true at all as you will see when you go on this detox holiday! Healing processes like herbal medication, massages, and the periodic liberation of toxins through enemas with medicated oils will make you reach the ultimate peak of relaxation and purity.

Why your next holiday should be a detox holiday at Ananda detox facility

relaxation at ananda detox facilityThe Ananda Detox Clinic includes a 7-day program, which is made to purify your body and rid it of all “toxins”. The diet includes 2 salt free diet days that enable the body to remove water retention. Throughout the whole 7 days, guidance will always be available as you can ask any of the staff to help you out in what you need and address them with the concerns that you may have.

The resort has received lots of positive feedback on famous websites like, where a woman with the username “debsta77” called it the “No Nonsense Detox” in which she described the detox diet as a straightforward diet that yields results. She additionally mentioned that she lost 4.5 kilos (around 10 lbs.) during her detox vacation, definitely a great motivator for all who want to lose weight.

take a relaxing detox bathThe best part about a detox holiday is that it is 50% detox and 50% holiday! The Himalayas are a great place to explore and there will be lots of other nice people who are also detoxing with you, spend some time with them! Have a cup of tea together, play some billiards, or maybe even read a book! The resort has many facilities to offer.

In conclusion, a place like Ananda Detox in India is the perfect place for a detox holiday. You will definitely lose weight and reduce your cellulite, and will definitely enjoy your time and experience there. So, what are you waiting for? Book those plane tickets now for a once in a lifetime experience!

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