7 Reasons why taking a small vacation every month is so beneficial for the body and health

going on a vacation monthlyYou have been working your head off for a whole month and your body could use some sunshine outside, some physical activity and a little play, so here are 7 reasons why you should put the tools down and go on a vacation.

Taking monthly vacations helps you regain lost energy at work, burn down calories and reduce cellulite alongside other health benefits.

It is advisable that you do this at least once a month as taking a vacation every month can be invaluable in increasing your health in the following ways;

How going a vacation monthly benefits your health

  1. Decreases depression.

Mental pressure from work piles up and escalates into anxiety and depression. This can be manifested in mood swings. Vacations can help reset your mind. Feelings of calm arise in the days you choose to stroll on the beach and your mind heals in ways that it could not when you were at work.

  1. Increases your heart health

increase your heart healthCardiovascular diseases can be reduced by exercise. The vacations that you ought to take every month involve physical activities that help you cut down cholesterol levels in your system. Coronary thrombosis that is the blocking of blood vessels leading to the heart can be prevented by regular exercises especially aerobics. Aerobics involves a lot of movement and can be perfectly achieved during vacation. The exercises help you keep check on your blood pressure. Taking the vacation a month could keep away the heart attack.

  1. Can help you lose weight.

vacation to lose weightYou have probably tried all weight lose methods including slimming pills, slimming belts and starvation. All these have proved ineffective; one reason why you are in this condition is because of the zombie state work puts people in; from morning to evening you are at your desk.

Taking the holidays could help you lose a lot of weight. Away from the stress of work your body relaxes and breaks down fat in increased metabolism due to the increased physical activities like swimming or surfing. Physical endurance games like hiking push you over your next milestone in weight loss.

  1. Will increase the health of your back or knees.

Certain professions require you to stand for long or sit for long. The consequence has been varicose veins on the feet and back pains for those who sit most of the time. Taking a vacation enables your body to work out evenly. Walking in a nature park or bicycle racing during the holidays once a month strengthens your feet and alleviates back pain. However not only that, an exercise will be a key factor in helping you get rid of cellulite that is deposited fat below the skin’s surface.

  1. Sunshine is good for the skin.

The skin requires nourishment from sunshine in form of vitamin D. The skin cannot synthesis this within closed office doors. The monthly vacations can enable you get that flawless skin as a result of the amount of hours you spend sunbathing.

  1. Interactivity with new people increases your mental state.

Physical exercises undertaken during vacations require team spirit and they forge interactivity. Man is a social being. Work can be limited to the interactions between you and your computer. The interaction you have with others during the monthly vacations can help you boosts morale like meditation does.

  1. Will make you positive and will increase your productivity.

increase your productivityA vacation a month helps you put things into perspective. Research has proven that workers who take a vacation every month return to work with vigor and they do not feel burned out. Their stamina and creativity is usually hiked when they get back to work. They come back with new ideas and innovations. Getting regular vacations is healthy for the rejuvenation of the brain.

Besides your perspective on issues changes with environmental changes and when you resume work you have a different and better problem solving approach.

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